Tippmann Stormer Basic .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Black 14911

Tippmann Stormer Basic .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Black 14911 Image

The new Tippmann Stormer is a completely modular .68 caliber marker for all levels of play. The Stormer Series is available in 3 models allowing full customization. The Stormer Basic features our reliable in-line bolt system with a high-impact composite body. The Stormer Tactical adds Tactical Front Shroud, Front / Rear Flip Up Sights and a 6 Position Collapsible Stock that completes the military look. The Stormer Elite allows you to switch between loader and mag fed configurations offering several different looks to switch between.

Prime-affect composite frame
Inside fuel line
Confirmed, in-line bolt layout
Prime-efficiency barrel
Backside fixed asa

Tippmann Stormer Basic, Tactical & Elite Dual Fed | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan
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