Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Image

The TIPPMANN A-5 is the most popular scenario marker ever produced. The A-5 features a durable aluminum body, inline bolt system, front and rear sling mounts, low profile hopper and 8.5 inch high performance ported barrel. It is easy to upgrade to the three position e-grip selector switch kit, response trigger or the flat line barrel. the A-5 is known for its ability to be customized with many aftermarket accessories.

Cyclone Feed System can Hearth 15 balls per 2nd with out batteries
Can also be field stripped in lower than 60 seconds with out gear
Enhanced ergonomics with an extended entrance grip, lighter weight body and more uncomplicated to Take away push pins

Shooting Tippmann A-5 with E-Grip Paintball Marker in FULL AUTO | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan
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