Top 5 Best Sniper Paintball Guns Deals and Offers

Top 5 Best Sniper Paintball Guns Deals and Offers Image


Take your paintball gun game to a new level with Top available five high quality marksmen sniper paintball guns and tactical paintball markers deals and offers. Take cover in the brush, hide in a tree or secure your position behind a wall and tactically eliminate your opponents from a distance with these incredibly accurate sniper paintball guns. Available in semi and fully automatic models, our paintball sniper guns will give you the edge you need to reign supreme on the battlefield.

1: Empire BT TM-15 Limited Edition Paintball Sniper Gun

The BT TM 15 is THE choice for any hardcore woodsball or mil-sim paintball player. Its high performance magnesium body is strong, yet light enough in weight for all-day action. Equipped with features usually found on more expensive markers, the TM 15 features a true electropneumatic operating system as well as reduced sound signature for stealth firing in all firing modes.

With the multiple Picatinny rails, accessory options are nearly endless. Internal airline operation eliminates external hoses. Flip up front and rear sights let you choose traditional sighting or stow away for sight clearance.

2: CORE Tippmann X7 Phenom Heavy Sniper Paintball Gunner

They go by a myriad of names… hammer, anchor, support gunner, automatic rifleman… but they all do the same thing: lay down suppressive fire. Front players get all the glory but back players don’t mind; they like to shoot and shoot a lot at range. For you, the guys and gals who want to shoot paint like its the last game ever, the Tippmann X7 Phenom Heavy Gunner Paintball Marker Package was made for.

The heart of the package is the Tippmann X7 Phenom marker. This amazing woodsball marker is the most advanced marker ever released from Tippmann, ushering in a new level of performance, reliability and upgradability. Its blow forward pneumatic design increases the air efficiency and decreases the recoil over all previous Tippmann models. Support upgrades start with the proven Tippmann Flatline Barrel System. This legendary curved barrel puts a backspin on the paintball for a flat trajectory and increased range out to 180 feet. An adjustable bipod mounts under the barrel. It folds out of the way but deploys quickly for when you need a steady firing platform for putting a ton of paint downrange. Completing the package is a collapsible stock for a stable shooting stance. You better buy a bigger vest to hold more pods because once you start shooting this package you’ll never want to stop pulling the trigger!

3: Tippmann A-5 Wonderful Sniper Paintball Gun

Package includes

  • CORE Dead Box Red Dot Reflex Sight w/ Twin Rail Adapters
  • CORE 45 Degreee Offset Tactical Sight Rail
  • Custom Products Combat Classic 20 Inch Barrel
  • RAP4 Composite Collapsible 6 Position Stock
  • Tippmann 2011 A5 Paintball Marker

4: Tiberius T9.1 Elite Paintball Rifle Sniper

Features: Tiberius Arms 9.1 pistolFirst Strike equippedSide dovetailed iron sightsUndermount tac rail1 piece aluminum upper receiverLow profile tool-less CO2 quick punctureOptional remote air adapter connects directly to the markerDual rubber detentsUnrivaled accuracyExceptional range (280 fps)Magazine fed – internal mag holds a 12 gram CO2 and 8 standard paintballsA single 12 gram CO2 powers 3 full magazines worth of balls (CO2 seals automatically when mag releases)Real gun action – mag feeds right into handleFully adjustable velocityCompact, high performanceMade in the USA with quality metalsState and local law applies Some paintball and airgun orders will be cancelled.

5: US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun

Nothing in scenario/ woodsball paintball can compare to that one shot elimination from a hidden position. Your opponent’s reaction and then dejected walk back to the dead box is priceless. When you’re ready to make every shot count then you’re ready for our US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun Package. The Project Salvo marker is matched to a Custom Products 20″ Tactical Sniper Barrel for superb accuracy, quiet sound signature and extra length to slide between brush, tall grass and bunker gaps for those sneaky hidden shots. One shot – one elimination capability is right here!

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